As family and consumer science educators, we know that the family unit is the cornerstone of a healthy community. Extension strives to improve the well-being of Virginia families through programs that put research-based knowledge to work in people’s lives.

It is through a partnership of parents and educators that educational outcomes improve for Virginia's children.  The Family and Consumer Sciences programs provide the resources of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University to support parents, students, teachers and administrators.  How we can help:

Parent Programs

  • Parents as Learning Partners
  • Making the Most of the Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Understanding Learning Problems

Student Opportunities

  • Job shadowing for family and consumer sciences careers
  • Connecting youth with out-of-classroom educational and volunteer opportunities
  • In-classroom programs that correlate to Virginia Standards of Learning, including:    Kids Marketplace, Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids, - Reality Store, and High School Financial Planning

Teacher Training and Support

  • Certification training for teachers in the ServSafe curriculum
  • Professional development opportunities that may be eligible for continuing education credit
  • Resource network for teachers

Administrative Consulting

  • Educate policy boards and advisory committees on family and consumer sciences topics
  • Help develop and implement school wellness policies
  • Speak at parent-teacher association meetings or teacher in-service event


If you are a parent or school interested in more information about our programs or other educational supports, contact Pegi Wright at (540) 775-3062 or e-mail